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Being there to somewhere.. Life Surprises(9)

"Buddy, Can you fill this page for me?" Asked one of the folk, and I was dazed to think of a reply. Obviously, endorsing sarcasm had become a habit in me and sometimes many of my responses were hard on people. I have had a cherished repute of mocking on almost everything.
"Sure, why not? It would be glad to write one pager for you."(Pause) "In fact ,I can write two, then I wonder down the line when you recite it, you will recall the good work of the words or you will sustain your misfortune for this piece of poor handwriting."   I reacted before I started spelling Chinese on his Archies notepad. Anyways, as long as people can read it, I do not mind writing it. :-)

It happened to be the last day in the college and everyone was busy making commitments and final goodbyes to peers, specially the ones who would have their roles switched into part timers. The good byes are always more essential for the people who would become an extinct or rare specie. Noone knew that exams would be so quick that you won't get excess time to spend. Since, it was going to be the last time the hostel people would have been together, many day skies(the day scholars) shifted to the hostel lounge. It probably would have been the best time for them, I am sure many of them would have the finest collection of memories to cheer about, and may be the collection they would always love to keep. The end of session, for the final time, may also be good time for people as many believed to the give a slip to the tiring routine.
Amongst the mixed set of feelings, between the good and bad reflections, everyone had a very common and universal feeling, the feeling of zero envy, the feeling of being so so equal, much more than their basic fundamental right. This happened to be possible because none of us was placed, some got an opportunity but missed it and others missed to get one. Nevertheless, the only hot about that feeling was "each one, got none"

Wherever I rolled my eye , I saw folks filing books, writing stuff for each other to recall, the trend brought into place by earlier passouts as to have pens scattered on shirts appeared heavenly and likable. People were nostalgic and any body who would have captured the incident live must have felt to be back in the college. Such is a magic that college brings into your life. While the friends become family, hostel appears more than the home. But, was I missing from the scene? Did I miss on enjoyment?

I think my nostalgia for the college seemed to have confined, I was not really worried about losing friends, any fine day a boy from my class would have come to see me or may be I could always grab the phone and dial desired 10 digits. I could not keep my mind off the thought that it is the last day of relationship. Nidhi had her own fears appearing on the face clearly and I was going cynical then. In fact, I was not enjoying anything coming my way. Yes, I did write everything when people asked me to do so, but my mind was zooming into negativity and I was going vulnerable to acceptance of defeat.

I felt as if time has neared the victory , therefore registering a defeat for me. Regardless of the defeat known to me since I grew up to the relationship,I called this day as acceptance to it. I did plan the next day for her, but I was so sure to accept that its over.

Did it really get over? Nope... Because destiny doesn't work my way. Fifth June was the last day of love at the college, but there's was no expiry. The regular meetings went over, but the understanding scaled to the new height. 
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lalit sahni said…
too good sir u made me remember my last day too. I think it is the most special day in everyone's life. I always try to escape from things which make me remember that day as it makes me very emotional.But it was so interesting that once i started reading i could not stop myself. Very well written sir
Ankit Gupta said…
I agreee Lalit, its always tough to connect to things that have their roots in the treasured past.... Happy to read your comment, this has been the 9th out of my life... I tried to sum it up....

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