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Being there to somewhere.. Life Surprises(10)

One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies(CAGR of 50x in past five years) with its presence in over x countries is set to go public. The company is led by young and dynamic first generation entrepreneurs and is into operations since 1998. The company's IPO and offer for sale opens for three days, with a price band of x. The company looks to multiply its capacities and magnify its presence in green field projects, to diversify horizontally.
 Were some of the editorials, news lines and message boards.

I was in the middle of June and hopefully I didn't get many days to wonder about the next level I was supposed to go in. The company ,which in first place , had no magnetism to attract me, had transpired me to find dignities about it. It had taken a decent space in my mind. If money control had pretty much contributed in my education, the company I would soon be joining had become a celebrity thing in profession. All I could recall was the call from HR that my final interview will be taken by the CEO and that was likely to decide my fortunes. Not that I didn't have the options to choose from, The God had been unquestionably kind about opportunities I could explore. But choosing company over profile or vice versa was a perplexing moment. It was like deciding between – becoming a captain of an out of favor team or choosing to play as the 12th man in an already sailing and admired team. A belief in self that I can add value, always wanted me to join a growing company. Down the line, say like in five to ten years, I may (may be not) regret my decision but then I had almost gone out of the box, out of the comfort zone, in contrast to the common belief, to go unbranded with a profile I thought I will like.

College and its precious memoirs were noticeably active in my mind. I was very much speaking to the friends and we were carrying out all the sorts to make us believe that nothing has changed. The only difference I could texture was the freedom to choose the people I want to continue speaking with. I knew , for one reason or the other, I would not be able to withstand all connections. Obviously there will be quite a few who would want my name to be deleted from their minds as well. The offspring called success was yet to be tasted by each of us and sometimes all the evenings went convincing people about being certain about the job. No wonder, the job scenario for the freshers from the tier B business schools was not exciting, but as long as you keep trying, there is an option active for you. May be you are searching your right job and the right profile is always in search for you.

Nidhi and me were also not socializing day-to-day although we continued the telephonic touch and had some extra hours to spare. She wanted to work, but then she had so many problems at her place that I could always persuade her to begin her career later. This was not going our way, as staying idle at home, with not too many things to do ,would have introduced the thought that "SHE HAS GROWN UP TO THE MARRIAGEABLE AGE AND WE SHOULD START SEARCHING FOR A SUITABLE MATCH" . I was not against the idea of Nidhi joining somewhere, but my possessiveness would always find some odds at the work place, much before the final interview has happened. I would myself scout for the job options and then would say her in the evening that none of these were of my choice. I thought I knew everything about her and will always manage the show, but somewhere I regret for not making her grow up in the job. Unknowingly I inculcated too many sensitivities in her and I would always worry for her in decisions. She would then ask me for everything and we then proceeded with the decision. For the time in my hand, it was working so good, but I am exceedingly at fault for making her so very dependent on me. Having said that, I would always know how it is going to affect later, but I was leveraging on two life. Should I have avoided this?

I expected a decent start to the life, because it was decided that I will be earning from the very next month. I was zealous and highly enthusiastic for the fact that I will have all the luxurious reaching me in my salary account.  Apart from this, I thought I will be bringing a stint of happiness for the parents, because it was going to be their decade of hard work, pains that were going to pay off. My facebook status had to say just one thing- HARDWORK HAS A CONFIRMED PAYOFF… 
Love Ankitt
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