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Why are we eating someone's bread?

I was heading towards Delhi the other day, and my head was slight mad on the stalky attendant. It was going to be a five hours journey and the woody idiot offered me seat number 26. Not that the window seat had problems with the comfort,air conditioning, ergonomics or safety, but it was so dumb to sit in the red flying machine(red volvo , not ferrari:)) at the rear part where not many good people come and even if some do, these are the families of four with their kids playing KBC on everything they see.
It was evening time and my neck and eyes were consistently putting their efforts to stare on the seat 3 which happened to be first choice for me to sit. Obviously for the people who take front seats, its always a good opportunity to speak to some good looking girls which otherwise are rare to find ,but many times seen in Volvo. The attendants added further misery to my mood as they played 'Bheja fry II' for us to cry. As I was done with my office thing, heading to a nap was the only way I could kill the time.

'Show me your Ticket?- asked the TC .

In a doze state, I showed him and he nodded a confirmation. On my right, I could see that the bus has crossed Ambala and while gazing on the left, I could see a surprise. A graceful lady in her 20s(may be) was sitting next to me with an MCQ booklet in hand.

My overwhelmed mind had plenty of questions to ask- why do these girls always have a book to read, when the world is so large just on the smart phone? Is She appearing in an exam? Is she not done with her preparation? If no, how would these four hours help her bell the cat?(Sorry, I didn't know if it was cat or some other animal exam?)

While I was updating my facebook status about the day along, she appeared to be staring my mobile. Before my mind encountered an outburst of multitudinous thoughts, I swiftly asked "are you appearing for an exam or something".

"Yes, SBI associate banks, tomorrow". She reverted back

"Okay" I quickly replied before peeking into my cell. Her accent and tone could atleast confirm the decency and may be the level of education.

"But Why do you need to go to Delhi for a PO exam,there are many centers in Chandigarh itself". I inquired inquisitively.

" No, it is not a PO exam, and I belong to Delhi only, I had some work in Chandigarh" she concisely replied.

"Okay, yeah, anyways Delhi also holds the professional banking exams, which Chandigarh doesn't., may be the specialist offers one". Was my confident reciprocation as my answer was revealing my understanding about the banking scenario. The other side looks green and specialized services in banking were of great interest to me.

"No, it is the sbi associate bank exam in the clerical cadre", she replied. Before my mind went into the crash, I nodded "Okay".

A girl , looking as confident as a first class graduate, appearing too fluent and technically correct in english, visibly no physical disability, travelling in a luxury bus, and then carrying a galaxy SII. Considering a mix of these , why would she want to work as a clerk in a bank?.

I was aware that banking is the hot sector of interest to the decent guys these days, I could always see crowd flourishing outside different local schools on a sunday, but have things gone to that extent, I think I had a major confusion. I immediately googled about the things and was astonished to read that this year about 500000 applicants have applied for 7000 something clerical positions and the biggest shock was the composition of applicants, about 40-50% were aspirants with a professional degree of MBA, B.Techs. I wanted to know more,but before I could go deep into it, I heard the voice.

" Look , you don't have to be surprised about it, not everyone can be a Probationary officer, and it is a trend, all I see is, I want to get a banking job. My parents think this is the only option I have". Did she read my fone or my face has expressed it all, I thought while hearing her reply.

"What?. Vaise, I am not surprised, I know it a little,but I didn't know that you are appearing for the same". I uttered in the shy tone. "What do you do?".

"I am a computer science engineer from a college affiliated to GGSIPU and to explain further, I didn't get a job in my sector, so opting for banks". She replied

"With due respect to banking sector, why do want to be a clerk, you are already a bachelors in technology, to my belief, you can easily get an IT analyst profile. Why would you want to work what a 12th standard does , and on a salary that you can easily get?" I countered her with a series of questions swinging my head.

Her reaction to my question was quite natural, although I expected her to reply strange, but her reply appeared a ready analysis as if she was prepared to this question. Her conviction to becoming a clerk was quiet clear.

Her insightful idea of working into bank as a clerk(even after being an engineering graduate) could be summed as:

1. "It is a respectable and secured job" (I agree)

2. " Good for women candidates, as the work hours are limited and HR policies on marriage, maternity and local work location"( yes, she was right)

3. " There are not many jobs outside" (I partially agree. Struggle is there, but you got to see beyong government sector)

4. " I will immediately join, as soon I get another PO, IT analyst or MT job, I will quit" (lies the problem for me)

5. "Unemployment is very high" (unemployment isn't, balanced employment is, let's be very clear)

We had a discussion, I may be happy to prove my idea of a wider approach, but gave a deep thought to whatever that was discussed. But instead of the girl coming into my dreams, that night my mind was very much on the MCQs intruding my head. I even failed to take her contact and ask the name for making any future contact.:-(

I realize that many of the unstructured problems within the country have created a havoc and even over qualified people are applying for under qualified jobs. I am not a government's policy maker, but I feel that something is going extreme wrong. Having said that, Even if I put all blame to unemployment, recession and job security, I see that the banks, the government and largely, we the professionals are eating someone else's bread.  We can still cook our food if we try to come out of our comfort zones, but making claim's on somebody's else work appears impartial. Per se, Any day I can try to do better in something for which i am better trained and qualified than somebody who's not graced by God.

There are people who need these jobs more than the ones who apply for. I may sound as if i do not need one that is why i am making vague assertions. It may also be noted that doing job just because you need a platform to begin is no good justice you do to the deserving people. You may have a right to get into some job, but you are certainly no force to make someone else deprived of it. Even if he holds merit, your over qualification kills his ambition... 

-What do I do with my 12th class pass newspaper boy who has appeared in clerical exam thrice, but has failed because a BE, MBA , and a B.CA took his job

-What do I do with the lady who cuts the grass outside my home?. She has a girl who has studied till 12th, and can't afford any education further. Can she ever compete an MBA in interview?

-How do I convince people who involve into becoming waiters, tea makers, hawkers and street addicts, just because they do not qualify to major exams and minor ones are getting tough to crack?

Are we creating an imbalance?? Why does every needs a secured government or banking job. Just that when the government was being kind on the salaries with sixth pay commission, the privates were busy in right sizing by pink slips. This will never be a permanent solution, the supply and demand issues will always stay... 

Needs a thought, love, Ankitt
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