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Your ability to stay happy just every time comes to a pause when your life makes you live two ways- one for your insight and the other for entire social fraternity

Ankit Gupta

It was me who had to understand... N I goofed up...

2011, The last calendar quarter has been a period of change for me. It might have been the golden time for many ,to me it It really didn’t come as i wanted. Without any grudge or personal jittery, I would love to congratulate everyone who found my date of birth year(11) a brilliant year. I wish that they keep on getting good moments in years to come.

Personally I feel good to see my calendar turning into 2012, keeping the 2011 into the past, thus making it a history. Physically, it seems like a cake walk, but dumping the past out of present isn’t that easy. Specially, when you are made to do it twice, at the fag end of two decades. Obviously, never comes a time when two situations correlate, but a pain is a pain.

I would love to see 2012 in a different perspective, because , to some extent while thinking much about the calendar q4, I failed to bring happiness in my present, I failed to see good things and people here with me, I completely failed to perform my duties of being a son and…
The most awkward time I come across is when I am driving car forward and its music want me go backward steering towards the past

Ankit Gupta
As kids we want to be adults who ‘can do whatever they want’ and as adults we wish we were kids who ‘can do whatever they want.’

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