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Showing posts from August 19, 2012

Not quite what I had thought about

I have been writing on the blog for a pretty good time, I do not exactly remember the date(though the first post may say it) , perhaps the span would over four years. I remember the inspiration , a long time mate in my tuitions who started off writing(Ankur), also the period when the controversies were taking their due place on the blogs, the era when the likes of big b(criticising season 3 of kbc), aamir khan(srk is my dog) were amongst the few prominent writers. My writing did take inspiration from them, not that I was to trigger a controversy, but I wanted to expose the depth with which I can write.

Had I been writing using a pen, the first and last post would have happened in 08 itself. I still remember the cipher text I have always been writing using the pen.It doesn't matter that  I write it with a parker or a sheaffer fountain pen.:-).

The blog thing for me principally rested on two foundations- one being the disregard to fountain pens and other being the quickest transfor…

The CAG Coal verdict

Over these days, much being said about the CAG's report on the coal allocation gains, the position of Indian coal industry, challenges and way forward. The likes of reliances, bhushans, adanis, essars being hammered in the report has actually triggered my interest to write something that I have always been considering convention, as in India, this goes an every day meal.

No wonder, the CAG seems to be on fire with Mr. Vinod Rai, making breakthroughs in all reports starting from 2G scam to the coal thing now.

Going through first of the cag's report and finding that the cag is entirely right to assess that the companies have gained out of allocations done for their captive use. Let's try to understand as to what the industry is about and how does this report writes another breakthrough on the untold things.

1. The Indian coal industry

- coal in india is the most important source of power generation and it contributes to more than half of the current commercial energy requ…