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As it happens

Life has its own unique ways of taking you through different experiences, sometimes you really wonder if you were actually prepared for these. I did talk about the thoughts that you never think about, yet they happen to be a daily thing for you.

I understand that you got to accept whatever comes your way, you may fight it , you may ask for more, you may like to keep it cool, but on the closing note, you got to accept his decisions, you got to accept almighty, you actually got to accept life as it happens

As it happens...
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The appetite of the intangibles

Everyone, even in the shortest version of their expectations would like to have one thing set right in place, that is to live and set things that co-exist in our wish list. Obviously the wish-list’s tangibles  in the face of luxuries, money, gadgets and credits may just exist as the hardwork payoff , but the intangibles with the likes of love, affection, happiness, satisfaction, desires , peace will always upkeep the appetite , the appetite of being in to existence. Just an insight,ankit