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India Against Corruption

I woke up in the morning and thanked god for gifting me this life. My day would always begin with a quick chat with my family and kids. Biwi(wife) starts her day with her routine things and parceling the kids while my dad and mom have their appointments with the idols at the temple in the society. My 2BHK flat, some 1200 square feet area, in the suburbs , houses every necessity but I always wonder and wait for the time when my banker says, the flat is no more a joint venture between me and them.

I do not read the news paper in the morning, not that I am gyaani(versed) with all developments on the board, but because my idea of being the aam aadmi doesn't matches with them. They call me aam aadmi and make policies for me, but I want to tell them that I am not an aam aadmi, they propose to sell their manifesto with. I do not need their 32 rs a day to survive, I am not pretty much in favour of the subsidy they offer me on the fuel, I am kind of okay with a gas cylinder that they at…