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Credit quality

Ankit Gupta wrote:

RBI's concern should not be the poor credit growth, it should be the total value of restructured assets touching 2.2 trillion as at 31.03.13. Something genuinely wrong with credit assessment to the big tickets?

For a change

Just tinkering


Ankit Gupta wrote:

Sad :( RT @InjusticeFacts: 88% of psychologists either work for the military or the advertising industry, only 4% work to help and heal human beings.

Spot fixing

Ankit Gupta wrote:

I still sympathize the trio, fine to speak on the betting thing, but going personal is little too much. My question to you remains are same? Why are you not after the life of guys who brought about scams worth 1.76-1.85 lac crores #coalgate #2gspectrum

Common Man 2

Ankit Gupta wrote:

For the entire day I cursed media,cricket,ipl, bcci and co, now in the evening I will pick up a pepsi and watch the entire match while fighting with the family- I am the common man:)

Common Man

Ankit Gupta wrote:

I will 'over-speed' my car and get hawked. I will immediately apply economics and forge a deal with the traffic guy. The entire day I will be in the air to have saved around 200 bucks which were to go in the auditable funds. nonetheless in the evening, I will be very curious to second a report in media that corruption has gone up by x% yoy. I am a civilized common man:)

Thank you Parabolic

Ankit Gupta wrote:

Thank you @Parabolicdrugs , its management and colleagues, you gave me 3 eventful yet exciting years to carry along. With all cherished memories, I bid goodbye to this lovely city. Chandigarh , I will miss you time and again


Ankit Gupta wrote:

The government continued disowning its people and capitalists bought them at a very lower cost. I don't think India, otherwise, has the low cost manpower competitiveness. #jobsinindia

USD INR troubles

The rupee is certainly not bringing any cheer to economy, no wonder, the exporters enjoy the short term gains, but the importers are bleeding. The higher rupee simply means an increase in prices as we are a net importer. Seems a tough bet, the dollar is expected to touch 60 by many of the analysts.On one side, the US 10 year bond yield is inching up higher day by day on the confirmation by the US Federal Reserve on tapering the quantitative easing (QE). While on the other hand, the Indian Federal bond yield is trading lower at 7.2 per cent and is expected to lower down further as there is increasing speculation over RBI cutting the interest rates .According to analysts, foreign investors have been heavy sellers in recent weeks of Indian debt, which is worrisome for a country which depends heavily on foreign flows to finance its current account deficit and support its markets.Here are some reasons for it : Dollar strength: The dollar index has been rising on signs of growing economic m…