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Showing posts from September 2, 2013

Chennai express

Ankit Gupta wrote:

I have heartily got connected to a lot of srk work... #Chennaiexpress has been a rare exception. Success sometimes has less to do with entertainment, but largely its a byproduct of inflated ticketing, rupee depreciated forex inflow and the growth in allied infrastructure


Ankit Gupta wrote:

Exchange rates could never trend everyone's mind as it has done in the past one year. I think the only good depreciation of our currency has done is educate everyone about the economics of foreign exchange flows.

Is it?

Ankit Gupta wrote:

They say that people who swear a lot tend to be more honest, loyal and upfront. I wonder on the placement of this research amongst the elements of Indian Lok Sabha :-)

The Millennium city

Ankit Gupta wrote:

They call it a millennium city, in fact they have announced India's first air conditioned bus stand in sector 29, they further plan to deploy more city buses. To my belief, the dlf-vadra city has to have the basics first,specially the infrastructure to sustain road pollution. #gurgaon

Economics of Politics

Ankit Gupta wrote:

Economics goes hand in hand with the political strategies. While India has already set a global benchmark reflecting policy failure in economics, its US counterpart has established a flip scenario. Restrictions on Iran,UN sanctions, embargo across different countries has actually fueled the demand for dollar and thus contributed in its strength.

Oil imports

Ankit Gupta wrote:

No wonder we are waking up only at the time we are approaching another assembly polls, but Ministry's suggestion on Iranian oil imports definitely makes sense. Iranian price stands $105 against $114 market levels. Further, the currencies swap could be discussed