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Showing posts from September 28, 2013


Ankit Gupta wrote:

Today I do not share my 'problems' with you, I just emphasize that magnitude of mine is/was bigger than yours. 21st century doesn't belong to emotions, competition drives it

Bugatti's turn

Ankit Gupta wrote:

Another car maker to turbocharge the fashion league after porsche and ferrari. Bugatti sets to foray into handbags. They actually know whom to target and how to sell ;-P

Chandigarh- with you

Ankit Gupta wrote:

Friendship, unfriendship, re-friendship, love, hatred, peace, desire, profession,growth, success, happiness, distress, anguish, perspective, objectivity, accomplishment and walkover. Chandigarh, with you, I have spent both- odds n the best of time.

No good state

Ankit Gupta wrote:

We are in no good state, the country is absolute sick and everyone is the party to cruelty amongst. Misogyny, misanthropy , male chauvinism,competition, unwanted desires is all that's craving the value system.