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Being there to somewhere.. Life Surprises(11)

"Change is inevitable". Well, this has never been my favourite quote, but I think, it is something I usually say, especially when I know that I cannot opposite a compulsory turn my life is heading towards.
Like many of us, even I have Tropophobia or the fear of moving or trying a change. When I thought that joining corporate world will change my life for good, the fear of leaving my folks used to decelerate the generation of positivity. My mind used to procrastinate my decisions as I could virtually calculate the costs in getting the salary benefits.
I knew I had to stay away from home, but I never predicted that July 1, 2010 will bring about a permanent change, that is my departure from the family as to regular member to a weekender. No wonder, how many leaves I would take, my family's home had become more of a guest house than a residence. It had got nothing to do with the affection and love of parents, just that I had two houses to stay and my attention certainly got divided. Saturday became a favourite day and home became my favourite restaurant. I am a guy too obsessed with the routine, so this change never came across to me as a delight. I would often miss the occasions, weddings and ceremonies on the weekends as to drive those 125 kms to home.
I had completed a year in the work place and the new Ankitt has had the following attributes:
-  Post the initial jittery, people were appearing familiar and I was happy to be in the numbers, playing in the Microsoft playground.
-  I was in so happy to screw myself by reminding the bank about the recovery of my education loan :-)
-  I started loving my work and I would often applaud myself for not having time to take calls. I would be happy to confess that I used to love avoiding calls of the folks now:)
-  I would often sit till late in the office as the company used to offer snacks that time:)
-  I was happy with the recognition and therefore I had more milestones set for me.
-  I never estimated my repaying capacity, bought a car and would spend decent amount of my salary in the fuel, and the money squeezing machine called CREDIT CARD.
This was a side that I used enjoy and probably something that used to keep me busy. Being busy was not a darling choice for me, but it was my deliberate attempt towards an important preparation. Nidhi and I were almost out of touch now. We had friends in common and that was the only thing we were sharing now. Our decision to go with the parent's choice had some hard effects on me, and my busy routine used to fade those marks. Had I been free of work, I would not have let myself focus on the things I looked forward to.

Love Ankitt

(Read earlier parts for continuity)
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Unknown said…
nice one.. waiting for the next post :)

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