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AK in Jail, I am trying to find the cause

I least care on the person's political status, favored treatment might have happened with the person you are mentioning. But in Arvind Kejriwal's(AK) case, I have the following comments to make:

1.       Ak is not legal illiterate, he knows the law and the procedures , also he was accompanied by a learned counsel who understand the importance of a bond in case of bailable offense. An offense u/s 500 IPC is bailable, so need of the bail certainly arise. Also, he has missed to attend several dates, a lot many times.

2.       Now the court , which is above the political status of a person, directed him to deposit 10000 as surety instead of an oral undertaking. This should have been agreed upon, he would have fought the battle later, he might be 1000% right, but he should have abide by the directions of the Chair. The matter would have finished then and there.

3.       If you read the code of criminal procedures, section 436, in this case. A person can be released on bail , provided that  Court, instead of taking bail from such person, discharge him on his executing a bond for his appearance.(Eased language)

4.       The judgement, then has a mention of section 441, which gives power to the court again.

5.       The court found no reason for refusal of the bond, except for the fact that he was adamant and he was prepared to go to jail.

6.       If he didn't agree to court, he would have fought legally. Would have taken 482 of Cr. P.C., would have filed a quashing petition with the higher court, all options are available.

7.       When a court can approve mercy petition of murderers, he would easily sought a small relaxation. Herein, it is just that he wanted this case to get hyped and he went for another political suicide

I have loved Arvind Kejriwal and his aura for quite sometime. But success seems to have gone over his head or his stars are not good these days. I told  the other day that Delhi decision was a betrayal, AAPians disagreed. Now, yesterday he himself agreed that stranding people of delhi was a wrong choice. I know they are young people and learning by every mistake. But taking referendum is always an option with him, he was good at this , why a sudden fall? Losing all 7 seven seats in delhi was way too much. Now, by this gimmick, his image will go for a shot. I criticise him because i have once advocated his vision. He was certainly on the track before that resignation. Expecting a miracle in loksabha polls was like asking for a moon. Had he stayed CM and then contested in LS, he would have got atleast 2-3 seats in NCR.

And honestly, as a common man, if a court asks me, i will either fight at the higher court, or simply furnish a bond so that i could continue my fight. He is put in judicial custody and his supporters are protesting outside. What point people are trying to make. When the BJP has absolute majority, the nation needs strong opposition, some good people who fight for the reasons than putting valid reasons at the back burner.It should not be MODY VS NOBODY. People do not have to reach road all the time, he has to hit the road at the right time. 



Drama is an essential part of politics. Dr Manmohan Singh was extremely poor at it and lost out. Let AK play his share.

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