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None of her social outings ever reflected her hazy education, it got evident only by way of an affidavit. Is education about the degrees on your back? It may be less pleasing for me to know this, but I think education is more about your content, character and the way you carry yourself. - AG

Of late, I am being carried away by the NaMo’s model. Neither I am a political literate nor am I a proponent of conventional RSS or BJP ethics. I am just firm believer of my eye, thus for me, “to see is to believe” has become a way of life. So, it was only when Ajay Maken tweeted about Smriti Irani, her education , it came to my knowledge that she is under qualified (as they say) for the position she currently holds. My first reaction, like many, was a shock.

We never expected the new elect prime minister to be so unrealistic in selecting his team. I wanted to shout at him furiously, would have asked as to why he chose Smriti over others, what made him believe in Smriti? How can he make her accountable for a ministry that is capable of revolutionizing the education and the future outcomes of our country. How can she become a tactician of change? Was NaMo’s selection a misfortune? These were some questions in my mind when I was red and upset with the call.

When this decision sunk into my mind, I tried something that my life has taught me in the last couple of months. Yes, out of various learnings, the foremost is to think twice , that is to give a second thought almost every time, on almost everything: -).As a consequence, I had some relevant questions in my mind:
-Why did Smriti’s education never came to my mind before this tweet?
-Why amongst the 338 probable , she was favoured for a responsible position?  
-Why none of her social outings ever raised my doubt about her education or upbringing?

The reason to all these doubts was convincing and sensible, education is nowhere the single criterion for assessment of capability, it is not about paper degree you possess, it is about the way to you carry yourself. It is about your moral and cultural values, about your beliefs, your courtesies and overall traits. Your conduct gives the reflection of learnings you had in life, no school can teach you sensibility ,decency unless you acquire it through your upbringing. Education is not factored in the books we read for our curriculum, it is about the social values, culture, knowledge, and ethics that we acquire from our families, friends, society and colleagues. No matter we have thousands insane educationalists, enlightenment is more frequent from a person with soundness of mind and nobility of soul. As she said, it will be nice if we judge her by her work than to tweak on the history.



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