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Union Railway Budget

I would like to detail some of the key highlights of the Railway budget.

Key numbers

§  XIth Five Year Plan Targets exceeded in New Lines (2,207 km) , Doubling (2,758 km) and Electrification (4,556 km), Production of Diesel  (1,288) & Electrical (1,218) Locos and Acquisition of Wagons (64,875)

§  Dedicated Freight Corridors on the Eastern and Western Routes – leading to strategically critical capacity augmentation.

§  Railways met from its own means the total additional impact of Rs one lakh crore due to implementation of 6th Pay Commission

§  In 2013-14, 1532 km of New Lines, Doubling and Gauge Conversion commissioned.

§  Production commenced at the new factories – Rail Wheel Plant, Chhapra ; Rail Coach Factory, Rae Bareli ; and Diesel Component Factory, Dankuni.


Financial Health


§  Rail infrastructure by cost sharing arrangement with State Governments; Karnataka, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana agreed to several projects

§  Several Public Private Partnerships (PPP) projects are in the pipeline.

§  FDI being enabled to foster creation of world-class rail infrastructure.

§  Rail Land Development Authority raised Rs 937 crore so far.


Measures for improving Safety & Security


§  No unmanned Level Crossing. A total of 5,400 unmanned level crossings eliminated – 2,310 by manning it and 3,090 by closure / merger / construction of ROBs or RUBs.

§  Improved audio – visual warning to road users in advance of approaching trains.

§  Induction of indigenously developed Train Collision Avoidance System

§  Development of ‘crashworthy’ coaches


Modernisation and Technology Induction

 High Speed Trains

o    Joint feasibility study by India and Japan for Mumbai – Ahmedabad Corridor to be co-financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency

o    Business Development Study by SNCF for Mumbai – Ahmedabad corridor.

o    Semi- High Speed Projects

§  Exploring low cost option of speeds 160- 200 kmph on selected routes

Green Initiatives

§  Railway Energy Management Company becomes functional. Windmill and solar power plants to be set up with 40% subsidy from Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.

§  200 Stations, rooftops of 26 buildings and 2,000 level crossing gates to be covered.

§  Railways bagged 22 out of 112 awards given by the Government.

§  ‘Green Curtains’ along the track close to major stations; Pilot work at Agra and Jaipur

§  Coverage of Bio-toilets in 2,500 coaches and would be increased progressively.


Passenger Friendly Initiatives


§  Overwhelming public response to e-booking of ticket

§  On-line tracking of exact location and running of train movements

§  51 Jan-Ahaar outlets for Janta Meals ; 48 passenger escalators commissioned at stations and 61 more being installed ; air-conditioned EMU services in Mumbai from July 2014 ; information display system in important trains to indicate stations & arrival time.

§  ‘Upgradation’ scheme extended to AC Chair Car and Executive Chair car passengers.


Revenue Freight Traffic

  • Loading target of 1047 Million Tonnes for 2013-14 would be surpassed
  • Empty Flow Discount Scheme to be implemented
  • Carrying Capacity + 9 tonne + 1 tonne routes being planned
  • Easing of some restrictions on movement of imported commodities through Containers
  • Carrying capacity of 20 feet containers increased by 4 tonnes
  • Parcel Terminals & Special Parcel Trains with scheduled timings.
  • New policy on parcels to encourage transportation of milk.
  • New concept of ‘hub and spoke’ for parcel business
  • Third party warehousing in Special Parcel Terminals envisaged.


Budget Estimates 2014-15


  • Loading target of 1,101 Million Tonnes
  • Gross Traffic Receipts targeted at Rs 1,60,775 crore with Passenger Earnings (Rs 45,255 crore), Goods (Rs 1,05,770 crore), Other Coaching &  Sundry Earnings (Rs 9,700 crore)
  • Ordinary Working  Expenses placed at Rs 1,10,649 crore, higher by Rs 13,589 crore
  • Pension Outgo budgeted at Rs 27,000 crore against Rs 24,000 crore for 2013-14
  • The entire Dividend of Rs 9,117 crore to General Exchquer will be paid
  • Fund Balances likely to be Rs 12,728 crore.
  • Operating Ratio budgeted at 89.8%

Annual Plan 2014-15

  • Annual Plan envisaged at Rs 64,305 crore with a Budgetary Support of Rs 30,223 crore , Internal Resources of Rs 10,418 crore and Extra Budgetary Resources of Rs 19,805 crore
  • New Surveys: 19 New Lines & 5 Doubling


New Services


New Trains

  • 17 Premium trains
  • 38 Express trains
  • 10 Passenger trains
  • 4 MEMU
  • 3 DEMU


Extension and Increase in frequency

  • 3 Extension of trains
  • 3 increase in frequency



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