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Being there to somewhere.. Life Surprises(11)

PART 11 Related Parts:  PART 10 PART 9 PART 8 PART 7 PART 6 PART 5 PART 4 PART 3 PART 2 PART 1 "Change is inevitable". Well, this has never been my favourite quote, but I think, it is something I usually say, especially when I know that I cannot opposite a compulsory turn my life is heading towards. Like many of us, even I have Tropophobia or the fear of moving or trying a change. When I thought that joining corporate world will change my life for good, the fear of leaving my folks used to decelerate the generation of positivity. My mind used to procrastinate my decisions as I could virtually calculate the costs in getting the salary benefits. I knew I had to stay away from home, but I never predicted that July 1, 2010 will bring about a permanent change, that is my departure from the family as to regular member to a weekender. No wonder, how many leaves I would take, my family's home had become more of a guest house than a residence. It had got nothing t

Google time for the nest

-Google Inc has announced plans to acquire Nest Labs Inc. -Nest lab is a maker of smart thermostats and smoke alarms - Deal size - $3.2 billion - appears as an attempt to expansion in the broader array of devices. -The deal is the second-largest in Google's history, after the $12.5 billion acquisition of mobile phone maker Motorola. -Nest gained a large following with its first thermostat - a round, brushed-metal device with a convex glass screen that displays temperature and changes hue to match the color of the wall it attaches to. It also tracks usage and employs that data to automatically set heating and cooling temperatures. Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone