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AK in Jail, I am trying to find the cause

I least care on the person's political status, favored treatment might have happened with the person you are mentioning. But in Arvind Kejriwal's(AK) case, I have the following comments to make:

1.       Ak is not legal illiterate, he knows the law and the procedures , also he was accompanied by a learned counsel who understand the importance of a bond in case of bailable offense. An offense u/s 500 IPC is bailable, so need of the bail certainly arise. Also, he has missed to attend several dates, a lot many times.

2.       Now the court , which is above the political status of a person, directed him to deposit 10000 as surety instead of an oral undertaking. This should have been agreed upon, he would have fought the battle later, he might be 1000% right, but he should have abide by the directions of the Chair. The matter would have finished then and there.

3.       If you read the code of criminal procedures, section 436, in this case. A person can be released on bail , provi…