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None of her social outings ever reflected her hazy education, it got evident only by way of an affidavit. Is education about the degrees on your back? It may be less pleasing for me to know this, but I think education is more about your content, character and the way you carry yourself. - AG
Of late, I am being carried away by the NaMo’s model. Neither I am a political literate nor am I a proponent of conventional RSS or BJP ethics. I am just firm believer of my eye, thus for me, “to see is to believe” has become a way of life. So, it was only when Ajay Maken tweeted about Smriti Irani, her education , it came to my knowledge that she is under qualified (as they say) for the position she currently holds. My first reaction, like many, was a shock.
We never expected the new elect prime minister to be so unrealistic in selecting his team. I wanted to shout at him furiously, would have asked as to why he chose Smriti over others, what made him believe in Smriti? How can he make her accounta…