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Railway travel going to get costlier

When I read about the Government's decision to increase the railway fares by
about 14% for passengers and about 6% for freight, it was uneasy to accept
it. Not that railways affect my monthly budget directly, but for the reasons
that the new government is into power and everyone expects them to be soft
on our pockets. Many would not even bother on the price rise as railway
ticket doesn't pinch them daily. There are some people who would be affected
gravely as they have to use rail for their regular travel. But many amongst
fall neither into former nor into latter category. They are specifically
attributed as analysts. They will sit in the news rooms, social networks and
would keep giving their insights on the after effects of a decision.
Sometimes I happen to be one of them. I will be very unfair to my needs and
will try all bits to defend/attack a decision.

Of course, no one likes to see inflation and an increase in rail fares is
nothing but a direct dosage of inflation. The…