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What is the Pathway to her PR?

My thoughts may sound antiquated in the virtual world of sparkle and that I do not have much to convey about something that has not been shared earlier. Just that I have a heart that is debriefing my mind to ask a few questions to veterans around. Not that my mind is unaware to new paradigm of principles and beliefs, but there are certain things which I may not have experienced personally because I belong to a superior class of human beings called MALES. I am not Someone courageous enough to raise my concerns daily, I may accidently be the one practicing it. if not so, I am certainly getting the privilege without actually applying for it.
For years, the thought never came to my mind. May be because I never had a sister to intrude my privileges and my mother never let that feeling sink in us. You grow while looking up to her in one fashion and probably that appearance becomes a custom for you. Your mothers generally do not give you an access to the problems they have been through, you a…