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Don’t Try to Give Up Over-Spending!!!

Don't Try to Give Up Over-Spending!!!

Have you ever tried to give up over-spending?
What is the success rate in giving up over-spending?
Why people turn up unsuccessful when they want to give up over-spending?
Uncontrollable nature of Over-spending: Giving up over-spending is a struggle. It brings a lot of negative emotions like guilt, frustration and shame. When you are thinking about giving up over-spending, sub-consciously you are still thinking about over-spending. The more you try to give up over-spending, the more you indulge in over-spending.
Directly, thinking about giving up over-spending will not give you the desired result.
Solution for over-spending: Any strategy to control over-spending will be stressful and useless. So don't try to give up over-spending. It doesn't mean that you need to suffer perennially with over-spending without a solution. The solution is 'Stop thinking about giving up over-spending; start thinking about going up in savings'.
Going up in Sa…