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Animals in the wonderland

On a Sunday noon, while I am trying to reinforce energy for the full week, my mind is still dribbling with the unfortunate incidents that kept happening during the week. This keeps occurring in other places, given I became a party to this one, my eardrums are not at peace this time.
I used to read a lot about the dog killing festivals, the Kerela culling incidents, but could never do something beyond signing umpteen petitions begging the law for a solution. Who cares about animals when the law is too busy with hundred thousand of cases pending for humans which are deemed most  important for this world. We are not just a superior race, we are also more important for this world to proceed. Why do we need animals, plants, trees or the other elements for survival? At somepoint in life, we will have science finding a replica of these things with ease.
We have close to ten dogs near our house in my hometown. Not that we have a farm house to live, but given we have taken their habitat, these d…