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Showing posts from November 13, 2016

We need to change

I am fairly convinced that black money is here to stay. One, the government's stick is disproportionate to the carrot that it offers on taxation . Two, as long as the development continues, the systems would have red tape. Under no circumstances, the centre, state and govt employees are going to sync under similar policies. Three, somewhere our ethics do not warrant us to do neat job. Most of us talk about corporate governance and yet many would want to make gains on quick tip offs or some off the shelf transactions. So as long as the going is fragile, the minds are corrupt, black money or other curses would stay.Demonetization isn't the end, but possibly the beginning if executed well and the people have to take this initiative apart from government. Yikes !!!

Bankers for you

Decided to ditch media channels and spent 6 man hours at a private bank, I am done with whatever changes government asked me to do. Trust me, the banker folks did every possible bit to make this logistically convenient. They are tired, yet slogging this initiative forward. As I write, they are no less than serious crusaders putting million extra minutes to achieve a success out of this decision. A note of thanks to all my colleagues on this national duty. Kudos!