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You have lost it this time

As I said in one of my earlier posts, black money is not on a 100% departure, #Demonetization is possibly an impromptu experiment to a cause which has a soft probability of success.  Your cost of today's inconvenience is basically an investment for a #hope (return) which this government may (maybe not given the past) deliver.  I am extremely irked that Arvind Kejriwal did not capitalize on this move. Ever since I have followed him, his loudmouth has barbed on corruption, black money and what not. When something actually went right in the direction, our man's political will has come ahead of his own willingness to lighten hoards. Let alone the duties of a Chief Minister, the man is on a spree to publicly support the wrong doings If I had 100 disagreements with Arvind, I had 1000 reasons to dislike the prime minister. But on this one, I would say, Arvind has got everything wrong. "all-time Criticism" is not the mandate a man of his rank should profess.  Pity!