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Scott Edil acquires Baddi Unit of Alembic Pharma

Scott Edil acquires Baddi Unit of Alembic Pharma

-The group's first inorganic move towards exports expansion
-Acquired facility will be used for the growing export business 
-New facility to bolster company's foray into better value formulations 

Chandigarh, India, August 26, 2017: Scott Edil, a professionally managed pharmaceutical group based in Northern India today announced that its flagship company Scott Edil Pharmacia Limited (Scott Edil) has completed its ongoing transaction with Alembic Pharmaceutical Limited(Alembic) to acquire Alembic's liquid and oral solid dosage facility at Baddi. 

Spread across 20,000sqm with a built-up area of 160,000sqf, the acquired facility has three manufacturing sections - Liquid syrups, tablets and capsules. This facility is equipped with state of the art machinery and well-built scalable infrastructure complying with the global standards of quality, health, environment and safety. The facility was earlier accredited with WHO GMP, PIC/s and several international approvals. For Scott Edil, this plant is advantageously located in the proximity of its other existing units, hence, expected to contribute in the business synergies. 

Commenting on the development, Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal, Managing Director, Scott Edil said "We are happy to announce successful closure of our transaction with Alembic Pharmaceutical. While the plant adds more capacity to our evolving and growing business, it also fast-tracks our foray into high value regulated markets alongside adding new products to our offerings." 
He added "As we continue to develop our exports and consistently improve our financial and operating performance, we believe this transaction is a step forward towards achieving the long-term goals that we have set for the Company. We remain committed towards the health and wellness of the broader population world over."

Scott Edil purchased this unit on a slump sale basis from Alembic for an undisclosed amount. 

About Scott Edil Group 
Headquartered in Chandigarh, India, Scott Edil group is primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing of finished dosage formulations. It has three State-of-the-Art manufacturing facilities with cutting edge technology and relentless focus on quality and good manufacturing standards.  The Group has capabilities to manufacture ophthalmic solutions, injections (dry/liquid), oral liquids, dry syrups, tablets, capsules, ointments, dietary protein amongst others. Today, the group manufactures 700+ products for its branded generics, international formulations and institutional business in 20+ countries. The group currently houses three different businesses namely, BM Pharmaceuticals, its flagship Company Scott Edil Pharmacia Limited, and Scott Edil Advance Research Laboratories & Education Limited(SEARLE). For more details please visit our website at


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