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The problems

Irrespective of the governments in power and without being biased to any of the wings, I seriously want someone to explain what development means for India.

I genuinely feel that it is more of a buzzword that everyone gets excited while speaking or hearing. Ever since I have started to understand this concept (maybe for over ten years now), I see little success or a focus towards any of the real indicators that, according to me, can contribute to the progress of a nation.

1. Our folks continue to talk of GDP, credit, fiscal, IIP or sundry, how does it reflect upon the people who, even after 70 years, of independence have not been included into the formal economy. Let alone their inclusion, they, to a significant extent, do not even have access to basic needs.

2. We have been harping on building rail networks, excellent connectivities and so much in the name of development. Have we, even for once, thought to check that the people at the lower end of the pyramid need more than that?

3. On top of my mind is the advertisement that comes from Jio, Airtel et al. on high-speed internet connectivity. And it is no surprise that a few kilometres on the outskirts of any city even the necessary signals do not come.

4. Every year we have a disaster hitting us in the name of weather, a terrorist attack or some medical emergency. Our efforts continue to direct towards announcing relief packages without of shameless mouths while the problems continue to come one after another.

5. Our educated folks continue to debate on the need of reservation. While we continue to do, the real benefits of reservation never reach the needy while monkies with reasonably good access to the system get access to such advantages.

You can write endlessly to the problems this country has and honestly speaking, with the kind of resources that we have, nothing is unmanageable. Something that is missing is our intent to solve.



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