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As a citizen

As a citizen I still feel that our voices are important, sometimes we appreciate the government, a lot many times we criticise them. But I still wonder as what goes into congress's mind when they think of doing so? They screwed everything in their tenure (at least UPA 2), went down to two digits and now get the voice to ask for this governments report card 😂


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YTD..EOD... EUGMP... CRAMS... NON BETA Synthesis.:-)

On my c-pad(Old model m2000 Compaq Presario)...I am writing after long...Have two reasons for it, which i'll like to hide from you:)

Life is moving at a pace with work,life,Family,Friends each getting muddled in 24*60*60 seconds of the day.. :):(, Yes each facet demands its time, but as of now work takes it all:), and it is not wrong too... As at the EOD Work has to pay back something... It was the end of week 3 for my new journey that made me see few new words(Both in day and night):
EOD- End Of Day
YTD- Year till Date
GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices and so on...

Yeah, getting connected to the Pharma buzz, Things are interesting in some ways but quite exasperating on the other side, My dreams see me finding the cost of cephalosporins, SSPs and many more... The names that i could never ever see again in last 5 years, Someday a name came 'Pencillin' and i went back 10 years and realized that we are talking about the same Pencillin that was discovered by every Child's …

New Journey!!! - Plannin to write my blog

Well, I m no Amitabh Bachhan, No Aamir Khan, tht ppl will be reading my blog or will be finding it worth reading. All i know is tht i am getting inspired from Ankur to write it. This is my opening post meant to be read for ppl close to me. Its 10:10pm now, September 25th 2008, I have decided to replicate the high flying Blogging concept whilst I know I have the slightest listeners. Holidays have started, No great work to do these days, except getting inclined to TV and gossips, ‘Roz ki faaltu baatein’ would be the core activity in my list regularly till 5th October. Will be missing my college buddies, Its always a dependence tht gets created when you meet the same ppl regularly, The best and worst part of “Chhutiyan-Holidays’ is the “ending/missing of monotonous routine” , on one side I m happy tht this break would end up my daily 9 to 6 college routine and on the same time I will be / already started missing my friends and foesJ. Tension mat lo, foes are an important part of my life,…