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Showing posts from October 18, 2018

The problems

Irrespective of the governments in power and without being biased to any of the wings, I seriously want someone to explain what development means for India.

I genuinely feel that it is more of a buzzword that everyone gets excited while speaking or hearing. Ever since I have started to understand this concept (maybe for over ten years now), I see little success or a focus towards any of the real indicators that, according to me, can contribute to the progress of a nation.

1. Our folks continue to talk of GDP, credit, fiscal, IIP or sundry, how does it reflect upon the people who, even after 70 years, of independence have not been included into the formal economy. Let alone their inclusion, they, to a significant extent, do not even have access to basic needs.

2. We have been harping on building rail networks, excellent connectivities and so much in the name of development. Have we, even for once, thought to check that the people at the lower end of the pyramid need more than that?