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The retail woes

I think the disruption due to Covid-19 is here to stay and it's going to be hard to gauge the impact this would have on us as a society or the livelihood. I tried going out on the second weekend in a row, and all that I could observe is a gloomy state of malls and the businesses inside. If there were a countable number of people out, probably 90% of them were the employees, facility and housekeeping guys. While a lot of effort has gone into maintaining safety and hygiene, it wasn't enough to zap the fear pandemic has had into our minds. As a consumer, the life may soon be usual for us with the digital and contactless door deliveries of the bulk of our demands, but the state of malls worry me if we are heading towards the end of the physical, experiential retail. Personally, for me, there is no replacement to the touch and feel the experience of the retail stores, then the question is that for how long these brand stores would be willing to incur losses and continue employment for its people. God bless us, not a pleasing sight at all 

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