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May Good Sense Prevail!

In the world full of rumble, we all get fancied by the noise that surrounds someone's life, death and tragedy. Not that we are always attached or emotionally invested; it just keeps us animated and comforts that the problems aren't unusual for us. I felt deeply upset when the tragic news on Sushant cracked, could relate to him for the journey he had and for the ambition he always exhibited(was in the early 30s like me). But now I am feeling terrible with the kind of clatter that has surrounded this unfortunate incident. The media mostly picked up the larger sentiment and worked hard to create a soap opera which now most of us are watching with popcorns. While I sincerely wish peace for the departed soul, I also extend my sympathies to the 10s of people who have been completely deprived of their privacy and have already been declared as accused by this juvenile media trial. It is so sad to see their timelines and posts being responded with trolls, abuses and stark criticism. I hope we realise that they all also belong to families like us and that such free ride to justice could, someday, also hit us in the same way. May good sense prevail!