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Solution is within us

The problem, we, as a nation, have to address, is the rising crime against women, and besides the government, all of us are somewhere responsible for its magnification. We may want to believe it otherwise, but for ages, we have let such things happen, whether by conveniently ignoring such issues given they have happened to someone unknown(why should I care?) or that subtly our brains have got wired to patriarchy such that some of those issues do not fret our so-called normal lives(Hey, this is normal, what's the fuss?). Benefitting such situations, the people in extreme power, whether in the government or opposition, have also ensured that the common people never diagnose such issues and rather tangle them in soft politics around the region(Oh this is Uttar Pradesh), religion(the girl was a Muslim), reputation(Hey, if she is coming out with a boy in the night, this is inevitable), revenge(must have been a feud), or never-ending retribution(If I am involved, I am gone). Our retaliation to such issues is virtual, circumstantial and comes with the memory that of a goldfish(Slightly longer?). Unfortunately, I am constrained to conclude this note without a solution, but with a question as to what can we do to ensure a better place for 'them' who are amongst 'us.'

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