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Yes bank crisis

Human beings are the most selfish of all tribes. The guy - Rana Kapoor- in his peak may have helped some 100,000 people one way or the other, and in the process, he may have served his interests too(big deal? We all don't ?). Yet when it comes to crisis; the people, including some of his beneficiaries, have held him guilty without charges being pronounced again him. The trial of media is already on, and the man is accused of almost every possible crime which one could think of in the financial world. I pity this world which doesn't have empathy towards waiting for the truth to come. Being in a privileged position doesn't always make you guilty of wilful default. There must be some wrongdoings on the banks part, but I am sure there are quite a few banks(including PSUs) which do not have such issues.  -- Sent from my iPad