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Showing posts from October 13, 2020

Tanishq ad

I couldn't fathom that Tanishq had to take down the Ekatvam advertisement. How can a well designed, and rightly intended message oppose the harmony? Some of us have lost it completely, and for our survival, it has become important to bring hate in everything that fosters togetherness and could unsettle their "divide and rule" led businesses. I am at a loss to understand their logic that ~80% of the country's population is under risk, and such messages exaggerate this threat. -- Sent from my iPad

The big bull

Awestruck by the fantastic effort put up by the team of "Scam 1992-the Harshad Mehta Story". Quite a balanced account of the wrongdoings and loopholes the system had in the pre-digital financial markets arena. Of course, the events had colossal damages on the life of people; it is hard to concur that a single man amongst the army of government regulators could pull off something like this. For someone like me who has just read and not necessarily experienced this, it is effortless to put things on to the manners and prevailing practices rather than singling out the man in question. I so wanted to reflect on the statement he made in the interview "I don't want bouquets but don't give me brickbats".  -- Sent from my iPad